Recommendations for managers and their employees on dealing with the festive season in times of the pandemic.

How to Survive Remote Holidays —

The holiday season is here — along with the second wave of the COVID-drama. As companies used to plan their corporate parties around this period, the quite peculiar situation of ubiquitous remote work makes these festive undertakings problematic. Indeed, why even throw a party if Zoom is not the most…

Why should businesses embrace it?

Considered only a temporary solution at the beginning, the “meeting economy” is likely to become the new normal. Thus, the most pressing question for businesses is how to not only accept this reality, but also actually benefit from it.

If there is a term describing what is happening now with the world economy, this term would be “meeting economy” seems to be touching nearly every industry, regardless of its size or type: B2B, B2C, SMB, etc. Hence, the expression “meeting economy” is more and more widely used nowadays to…

Achieving proper “team chemistry” while being in charge of a remote team is one of the most pressing issues managers face nowadays.

In order to make employees as comfortable with the notion of working online as possible, companies having remote workforce have gradually adopted and internalized concepts from the still more familiar offline job environment. One of the most challenging of such concepts is remote team building, especially in the sphere of…

With the second wave of the pandemic seemingly unavoidable, it is high time to make online meetings as convenient as possible. Here is how.

Tips for Managers (and Their Teams) to Optimize Online Meetings —

Indeed, virtual meetings are increasingly becoming an inherent part of nearly any job, hence employees and managers think more and more about how to make their final peace with the remote workplace. …

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